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Building the future together

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Jesse Jackson and other civil rights leaders joined the Chicago Freedom Movement demanding an end to discrimination in housing. On July 10, 1966, King delivered a major speech at Chicago’s Soldier Field, then led marchers to City Hall where he taped a letter to the door demanding Mayor Richard Daley open the city and end housing discrimination.

Photo ©RoyLewisLewis1966

At PCCLT it is our Mission to conserve inhabitable land within Pierce County to provide affordable housing and commercial space to disenfranchised community members. As we begin our journey, we want to build something sustainable that is anchored in and by the community-- a land trust that is led, driven, and supported by our neighborhoods.


We envision a future where residents of Pierce County, especially those in densely populated cities, are able to enjoy healthy, inspiring home and work environments with the convenience of proximity to commercial centers-- but without the burden of gentrification and rising costs of living. 


We envision a future where our efforts help protect and contribute to economic equity in our area. We will continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the community and economy and will do it with a strong base of support and the financial independence to fulfill the commitments we make. We continue to uphold the values of:

  • Integrity: working with transparency and accountability to ourselves and to the community we serve.

  • Respect: working in partnership and mutual respect with our entire community, from the youngest to the eldest.

  • Community: upholding the cultural, familial, economic and institutional connections that make up the fabric of sustainable solutions.

  • Commitment: ensuring our stewardship in perpetuity through cooperative work with landowners, agencies, educational outreach and community resources.

  • Organizational Excellence: maintaining the utmost in professionalism and diversity, from our Board of Directors to community volunteers. 

  • Fiscal Responsibility: staying financially sound and sustainable, supporting our long-term stewardship responsibilities by endowments, donations, sponsors, grants, and private investments.

  • Non-Political: We implement our mission as a nonpartisan organization.

The founders of PCCLT are longtime community members, activists, and workers whose lives are dedicated to the empowerment of their neighbors. We're committed to working with everyone in our community who has a passion for change, a passion for equity, and a passion for home. 

PCCLT utilizes the core principles of land conservation and land-based community economic development to achieve our goals. We measurably improve the quality of life for local residents by providing families with the tools necessary to improve credit, participate in pre-homeownership programs and provide homeownership opportunities to disenfranchised community members. The PCCLT works primarily in Pierce County, WA, our programs are intergenerational in their design. We honor the legacy of those stewards of the land that came before us and have faith in those stewards of the land that will come after us.

Our Partners

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